Raising a “Tom Boy”

Let me start by saying, I’m not very keen on the phrase “Tom Boy”. A more accurate description of my daughter is “A girl who prefers things that were traditionally aimed at boys”. That is a bit of a mouthful so, for the purposes of brevity (and not sounding like a pretentious twit), I’ll stick with Tom Boy. I’d also…

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Coping with Car Sick Children – More Reasons to Treasure Every Moment!

When you have a baby, dealing with their bodily fluids is part of day to day life. As time goes on, thank god, you see less of their fluids. Just when you think you’re past the worst of it, the reflux has subsided, the poo is staying in the nappies, the dribbling has slowed down to a trickle instead of…

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Help! I Have No Parenting Instincts

When I decided to have a baby, I had no experience of babies. Most of what I knew came from my 1990’s Child Development GCSE. In hindsight, I can confirm it was not very good preparation. While the details are vague now, it certainly left me with the impression that when I had a baby I would instinctively know what…

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Why My Daughter goes to Bed Without Dinner Most Nights

Girl Child has always been a picky eater. When Boy Child was a baby, he would eat anything he was given. Not so Girl Child. Both of them were weaned with baby led weaning (because I’m too lazy to purée). Both of them were breastfeed until they were 13 months (because I’m too lazy to sterilise bottles). However, while Boy…

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Surviving The Reception/Year 1 Party Deluge

What is the Reception/year one party deluge? I hear you ask. It’s the time between the Christmas your child is in reception until the Christmas when they are in year one. During this time many Mum’s (presumably against their better judgement) decide they should hold an all class birthday party for their child. It usually starts after Christmas in the…

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