I’m Jo and I blog about my life as a work at home mum. I have two children, Boy Child, aged 8 and Girl Child aged 6, plus a husband (who’s age he’d rather I didn’t mention). We have one cat and are hoping to add a dog to the family in the next few years. I love reading, eating and occasionally cooking. I work from home running baby and children’s nearly new sales and tutoring on distance learning courses. I always knew a “proper job” wasn’t really what I wanted. I’m 39 and between education, maternity leave and working part time I have managed to only spend 6 years in full time employment. I’ve been self employed for around 5 years now and don’t think I could ever go back to having a boss. When I did have a job, I was a librarian and I’m still passionate about the importance of public libraries.

I found the baby, toddler and preschooler years really hard, I had postnatal depression after Boy Child but even without that I think I would have struggled. I found the adjustment to motherhood really hard and am just not temperamentally suited to looking after small children. My struggles where probably in part to do with being an introvert. I need a certain amount of time alone to function and toddlers who want to accompany you to the toilet really don’t allow for that! Now that my children are older I’m enjoying parenting much more although it will always have its moments. I still dread the words “Play with me Mummy”. I love chatting with them, cooking with them, reading to them and taking them places but the truth is I find “play” incredibly tedious.

In order to be able to work from home I need to keep our expenses down so I try to save money where I can and I’m keen to get the best value for my money. We’ve also started camping in the last few years as it’s a great way to have a cheap holiday. I’m also interested in the free range parenting movement that’s taking off in the US and I’m hoping to explore that further.

Finding parenting so hard in the early years taught me not to judge others for how they get through it and I try to extend that to myself. I shout too much, my kids spend too long on screens, I hate crafts and my cleaning standards leave a lot to be desired but my children know they are loved and that’s the most important thing.

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