Teaching the kids to be bored

When my kids were small, we went out a lot. I had plans for everyday of the week, baby classes, meeting friends, play groups, coffee with my mum, shopping, soft play, the park. We were rarely at home. This is because I found being at home with small children to be torture. At home, the demands for me to play…

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The 8 Year Old Sleep Regression

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 8 month sleep regression? One of numerous sleep regressions that happen where the your baby, who was sleeping well, decides that closing his eyes as akin to torture and refuses to go to sleep. What you may not have heard of, is the 8 year old sleep regression. This is where your usually good…

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Why New Parents are a Marketer’s Dream

We all know that having a baby is expensive. Before the baby comes we spend hours making lists, comparing products, ensuring our new baby gets the best of everything. What we don’t always realise, is that the spending doesn’t stop once the baby arrives. Thrown in to the unchartered territory of new parenthood, our instinct is often to throw money…

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Why Holidays with Kids are More Work than Staying Home

Holidays are great, everyone loves a holiday right? Or do they? Are there some unfortunate souls in the world for whom a holiday is really not that much fun at all? People who aren’t able to spend their holidays relaxing on the beach or visiting interesting places? People for whom going on holiday is really just a case of same…

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Kids Activities- How Many is Too Many?

When I was a child I did just one activity. I rode horses. Anyone who has been involved with horse will understand why. It’s all consuming, a lifestyle choice more than a hobby. Not to mention the fact that if you’re parents are paying for riding lessons, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to afford anything else. The other kids I…

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