Melted Crayon Christmas Tree Decorations

Melted crayon tree decorations

Let me start by saying I am not a crafter. I don’t like it and I don’t possess the attention to detail to be good at it. What I do like is process art. In process art, the means of creating the art is clearly part of the end piece. My favourite kind of process art involves melting stuff. Every year, the kids and I create Christmas tree decorations to give as gifts to teachers. I’ve no idea if teachers like this sort of thing but I can’t imagine they want another “Best Teacher” mug either. For the last three years we’ve made the decorations by melting stuff. You can also check out our melted beads Christmas Tree Decorations.


Equipment You’ll Need

The equipment for this one is fairly simple. Firstly, you need crayons, lots of them. If you like to frequent restaurants with your children you will have likely gathered a large collection of crayons from the packs they give out in the hope of stopping children screaming the place down while they wait for their food. You will also need a silicone mould in suitably festive shapes. Stars are good because you could feasibly use them at other times of the year but you might want to go all out festive. You’ll need an oven, a baking tray and some foil to protect it. Some kind of string or ribbon is also good assuming you want to hang the finished masterpiece on the tree.

Equipment needed to make melted crayon Christmas tree decorations

To make melted crayon Christmas tree decorations you’ll need crayons and silicon moulds


How to Make Melted Crayon Christmas Tree Decorations

The first job is to peel the labels off your crayons. Initially your children will love this job. They will then realise that actually it’s fiddly and boring and will go and play while you finish it (whay hay, five minutes peace!). Next, the crayons need to be broken in to smaller pieces, ideally of similar size. Kids love breaking stuff so there’s no chance you’ll be doing this alone.

Crayons in silicone moulds before going into the oven

The silicon mould moulds need to be filled to the top

Once that’s done you can get creative by combining different colour combinations in the modes. The children will either put all of the same colour in a mould or one of every colour in a mould. Whichever way they go you will sulk because they aren’t as pretty as you could have made them if you were left to your own devices. You need to make sure each mould is fairly full, this will make them easier to get out and give you a fairly sturdy end result (great for when kids/cats/dogs/drunk husbands knock them off the Christmas tree).

Crayons in silicone mould

The melted crayons will need some time to harden


The Melting bit!

Cover your baking tray with the foil and pop the moulds on the tray. Heat the oven to 150 degree centigrade and bake your melted crayon Christmas tree decorations for 10 minutes. After this time, take them out and have a poke at them with a knife to see if they are all melted. If they aren’t, out them back in and keep checking on them every few minutes (use or a timer or you Will forget). Once they are melted take them out of the oven. Cut your string in to 6 inch pieces and tie it in to a loop. Before the melted crayon Christmas tree decorations have cooled down too much push one end of the loo in to the decoration. Repeat this for each one.

Press string into your melted crayon Christmas tree decoration before they harden completely

It’s best to let them cool overnight if you can convince your kids to wait that long as that way you can be sure they are set. Once they are, simply (it is simple, I promise) pop them out of the moulds.

So there you have it, how to make melted crayon Christmas tree decorations in order to avoid having to buy teachers Christmas gifts. Look out for my other posts on how to use melted crayons to decorate baubles and how to make tree decorations from melted pony beads.

If you know of any other great process art that involves melting stuff, do share it in the comments!

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Melted crayon Christmas tree decorations

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