How to Choose Which Toddler Group Activities to Run

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When running a toddler group I was keen to run different activities for the children and over the years I tried loads of toddler group activities with varying degrees of success. Here’s my guide on what to look for when choosing toddler group activities and what to avoid.


Ideas for Toddler Group Activities

We’ e Separated our toddler group activity ideas into themes. If you’re looking for specific ideas, check out these suggestions for Messy Play toddler Activities, Food Based Toddler Group Activities, Craft based activities  and Nature based toddler group activities.


Are there any Hazards?

The most important thing to consider when choosing toddler group activities, is safety. That may sound a bit daunting but if you’re a parent you just need to take in to account the precautions you’d take with your own children. Avoid choking hazards or sharp objects? I nipped the pointy end off of the skewers in the picture.

For food based activities, you’ll need to consider allergies. If you have a child who attends your group and has an allergy you might want to provide alternatives for them. If you can it would be better to just avoid using what they are allergic to at all. Even if you aren’t aware of any allergies in the group, you should keep hold of all the packaging so that you can tell people what’s in everything.


Can you clean it up?

If you’re considering messy play toddler group activities, you’ll need to factor in cleaning up. Does the venue have the equipment you need ie mop, Hoover (or can you take it with you?). Is any part of the venue likely to be damaged by the mess? For example, if the floor is carpeted you might need to put mats down. You’ll also need to allow time for cleaning up. How much depends on the level of mess and how much help you have. 

Of course the toddlers will need cleaning up. Some old shirts worn backwards can make great aprons. If you ask the parents in your group someone will usually have some. You’ll want a few packets of baby wipes on hand for a quick clean. You’ll also need plenty of soap and hand towels in the toilets for the full clean up.


Can mum’s help their child do it with one hand?

A large proportion of parents at the average toddler group have to supervise a toddler while holding a fractious baby. Try to keep the activities simple enough that they can manage to help the toddler complete them while holding the baby. Think about pre cutting things to avoid parents having to do it.

If you’re running an activity that three year olds will love but 18 month olds would struggle with, try to offer an alternative so mums don’t have to deal with disappointed siblings. Even just some themed colouring sheets can do the job.


How much does the activity cost?

Toddler group budgets are generally small or non existent. I use to run the occasional cake sale to fundraise for supplies. If I’m honest I bought a lot of it myself. On the plus side, this does now mean I have a craft cupboard overflowing with goodies.

For some activities there might be elements you want to keep away from the children until they’re ready to use them. For example, if you are doing a planting toddler group activity, you might want to only give them the seed when they are ready to avoid waste.


Other things to think about when planning toddler group activities 

  • If they are painting or gluing, try to allocate a space for things to dry (we all know how thickly toddlers like to spread the paint).
  • Can they get it home? A supply of carrier bags can make life easier for parents.
  • What’s the season? Making a father’s day card at toddler group can make things much easier for a busy mum.
  • It’s ok to keep it simple, some weeks it’s fine to just put out the colour sheets and crayons.
  • If you are planning something messy, it’s good the pre warn parents so that they can dress the children appropriately.

If you’re looking for more tips, check out How to Run a Toddler Group.

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Choosing Toddler Group Activities

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