5 Ways my Children are Like Me (And I wish they weren’t)

Ways my kid’s are like me - mother son and daughter

When I saw that the new “Write Club” topic was “5 ways my kid’s are like my (but I wish they weren’t) I knew I couldn’t write it alone. I would need input from those who knew me and the kid’s best, namely my husband and my Mum. Weather I would be still speaking to them after that was another matter. Luckily, they were tactful and while my Mum did seem to be having a bit too much fun exploring the karma that has now reached me as a parent, we are still on speaking terms. So, with some help from my nearest and dearest, here are 5 ways my kid’s are like me, but I wish they weren’t.


Number 1: We just can’t be told

This was the first thing my Mum said and I wasn’t surprised to hear it. I moan LOADS about how Boy Child won’t let me explain anything too him. What I don’t mention is that I was just the same at his age. While I still try to tell him, my Mum has learnt better. He regularly cooks at her house and each time comes home with the most “interesting” (read revolting) concoctions. She says that there is no point telling him that beef stock cubes don’t taste good when added to a chocolate cake so she just lets him get on with it. This would be fine but she sends him home with it for me to taste.


Number 2: We’ve been licked by the same cow

Poor boy Child has inherited my cow lick. We both have a patch of hair at the front, on the left, whose natural inclination is to stick up vertically. When I get up in the morning I look like I’ve been communicating with alien life overnight via the hair antenna that’s sticking up from head. I manage mine with copious amounts of hair spray. I suspect when Boy Child is older he’ll be bankrupting is with his hair gel bill.


Number 3: Picky Eating

This one is definitely a bit of karma. I was a terrible eater as a child. Hardly any fruit and zero veg. Even when my poor Mum found something I would eat, I’d changed my mind about it a few weeks later. While I was a bad eater, Girl Child is worse. I was at least always willing to eat junk food (Findus Crispy Pancakes were a particular favourite), for her pizza is the only acceptable dinner food. She will of course eat chocolate any time of the day or night which may also have come from me.


Number 4: We won’t be placated

When Boy Child is upset, nothing will soothe him. If Girl Child is upset, we talk it through, I give her a hug and we move on. When Boy Child is upset, every solution or comforting word is thrown back in my face. It is one of the hardest things to deal with and I was horrified when my Mum pointed out I had been the same. I begged her to tell me how to fix it, at which point she said, “I never managed it, ask your husband, maybe he has”. I decided against asking him but vow to try and change my ways.


Number 5: We are totally intolerant of any kind of discomfort 

This is true of me and both kids. None of us like wearing jeans because they are too stiff. Fine for us girls who can wear leggings but Boy Child insists on going to parties in jogging bottoms. All of our labels have to be cut out. We get hysterical about small discomforts like paper cuts or biting our tongues. We fight over the softest blankets for snuggling up. And god help anyone around when we’re cold. I would have preferred my kid’s to be a bit more hardy really, or at least not fight me for the best blanket.

I am definitely now suffering for all the ways I was a pain as a child. It seems really unfair that having inherited all of this from me, they don’t have my love of sleep. I suppose that’s karma for you.


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Ways my children are like me (but I wish they weren’t)




  1. March 27, 2019 / 8:55 am

    it’s lovely that you all have so much in common and hopefully now your mum will see you weren’t being difficult, it’s just what kids do. I have 3 boys only 2 have my traits, the eldest can;’t stand having his shins touched, the middle one gets upset easily and they are both the spitting image of me, despite they both look very different from each other. The youngest is in his own world and looks like none of his siblings or me #itsok

    • Jo
      March 27, 2019 / 11:41 am

      It’s funny what we pass on and what we don’t isn’t it!

  2. March 27, 2019 / 10:15 am

    I love this! What a great idea to ask your husband and mum. And let’s get to the serious bit now – can you still buy Findus crispy pancakes? #ItsOK

    PS. I’ve linked this into my Write Club post too. x

    • Jo
      March 27, 2019 / 11:40 am

      I was actually wondering that as I wrote it, thought maybe Girl Child might eat one!

  3. March 28, 2019 / 12:04 pm

    I’m writing this post too atm, and it really pinches you, doesn’t it? Knowing you were/ are just the same, so you can’t even get angry at your child for behaving such! Thanks for sharing this with us on the #itsok linky.

  4. March 28, 2019 / 2:18 pm

    My son and I also have the same ‘Won’t be told’ affliction! It makes for some serious locking of horns at times. Great post and brilliant idea to ask your mum. I’ve just written the same Write Club post and frankly, I think I’d be too scared to ask her for her opinion!

  5. March 28, 2019 / 7:40 pm

    Isn’t it funny how they pick up some of our characteristics!!! My husband and I often laugh when see ourselves in them. Sometimes it is just downright embarrassing!!! #itsok

  6. March 29, 2019 / 6:53 am

    What a great read! It really is like Karma especially with my girl child!! I’m so sorry how I was as a child, can it all stop now?? I’ve definitely learnt my lesson! xxx

  7. March 29, 2019 / 11:41 am

    This post has really made me smile!! My mum has often told me that ‘karma’ is working it’s magic now I have children!! #ThatFridayLinky

  8. March 31, 2019 / 7:40 pm

    Oh my gosh I remember the Findus crispy pancakes. That is hilarious. We used to love them as kids! I wonder do they still even make them? Isn’t it funny how history has a way of repeating itself. Genetics are a powerful thing! #itsok

  9. April 6, 2019 / 7:30 am

    Oh no! Sounds like a melting pot of disaster!! #itsok

  10. April 6, 2019 / 11:59 am

    This is such a great post. Really loved reading it. Its incredible how much your child can be like you. You have really inspired me to sit down and write about all the things I have in common with my son. To be honest, I usually just claim all his great qualities and everything else is his dads! haha.

  11. April 8, 2019 / 10:07 am

    My girls are 4 and 2, and I see sensitivity as a shared characteristic. Both girls remind me very much of their grandparents though! I think my oldest must be just like my mother-in-law when she was a girl (serious), and my youngest is more care-free like my own mother.

    The strong bond between you and your children is evident, by the way! Very cool!

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