Creative Garden Play

When I was a child I spent hours playing out in the back garden. We didn’t have a huge amount of space but it was full of fun stuff that I could get creative with. When I looked at our back garden, while it’s a little bit bigger than mine was, I realised it there wasn’t all that much out…

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Things my Children Fight Over

As an only child, the sibling relationship is alien to me. My own two children are my first real experience of it and, while I knew they would argue, I have been amazed by the extent of it. There are some days when I feel like it’s only my children who are like this. At school pick up time, I…

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Starting to Play Out

Boy Child is 8 now and we’ve decided it’s time to let him play out. Some of his friends are starting to play out and he really wanted to join them. I was certainly playing by his age and I’m keen for him to have some of the freedom that I enjoyed as a child. Playing out also fits with…

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How to Make Room for a Workspace at Home

This is a guest post for which I have received payment. Creating a workspace at home is a great idea, whether you’re running a business or searching for a way to corral all your children’s bits and pieces and toys. One of the biggest barriers to any creative or productive endeavour is having to spend time clearing away other stuff…

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Melted Crayon Cards for Easter

While I’m not a big fan of crafts, I do love a bit of process art. These melted crayon cards for Easter  involve my number one favourite craft activity, melting stuff! They are simple to make but do require an adult to do the melting bit. What you’ll need to make melted crayon cards: Some old crayons (the free ones…

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