Rules for Playing Out Safely

While I’m a big fan of free range parenting, playing out safely is my priority. Before he started playing out, Boy Child and I had lots discussions about how to stay safe. We talked about lots of different scenarios and how he would handle them. This helped to reassure me that he was ready. I thought it would be useful…

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Why Holidays with Kids are More Work than Staying Home

Holidays are great, everyone loves a holiday right? Or do they? Are there some unfortunate souls in the world for whom a holiday is really not that much fun at all? People who aren’t able to spend their holidays relaxing on the beach or visiting interesting places? People for whom going on holiday is really just a case of same…

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The Mum Tag 2019

I was tagged by the lovely Viv Simone to answer some questions about my experience of motherhood, so here they are! 1. FAVOURITE MUM HACK? My favourite mum hack is delaying. It works particularly well with toddlers. When they want something you don’t want to do, just tell them you’ll do it in a minute. Their attention span is so…

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Kids Activities- How Many is Too Many?

When I was a child I did just one activity. I rode horses. Anyone who has been involved with horse will understand why. It’s all consuming, a lifestyle choice more than a hobby. Not to mention the fact that if you’re parents are paying for riding lessons, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to afford anything else. The other kids I…

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The A-Z of Becoming a Parent

A is for adult conversation Unless you want to burn a hole in your other half’s eardrums when they get home in the evening, find a way to get out of the house and meet other adults you can talk to. Babies are cute, but are very poor conversationalists. B is for bathing The baby does not need a bath…

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