My Money Saving Month February

My Money Saving Month February Written on a letter board with coins spilling from a jar

I love February for money saving because it’s a short month so you’re winning before you even start. It’s also my birthday month so, while I was still saving, it’s possible some money may have been spent on me too!

Bought an Annual Pass for the nearby Aquarium

My birthday fell in half term this year and so I decided I fancied a day out at the aquarium. It is always cheaper when you book in advance. Having looked at the prices it was £35 for the kids and I for the day and £48 for annual passes. The passes give us entry for a year plus 20% off food both there and at the partner theme park which we visit at least once a year. You only need to visit twice to save money. Having had the passes before I know that we’ll visit most school holidays so it’s well worth the money. If you’re keen to save on visiting attractions, check out How to save money on days out

Bought lots of Oatabix Flakes

I do nearly all of my shopping at Aldi however there are two things I have to go elsewhere for. These are Oatabix Flakes and Lunchbox loaves. They are brand name products for which there isn’t really a supermarket own substitute. I started shopping in Aldi about 6 months ago. I’ve gradually made changes to what we eat to allow us to get almost all of our shopping there. I am disinclined to change these last two because they are pretty healthy choices and the kids love them. Oatabix flakes are expensive (around £3 a box). Luckily, something like once every two months they are on special offer. I look out for it and buy loads of boxes to last me until they are next on offer!

Bought Cat food from B&M

Cats are fussy creatures. While I try not to pander to it (just like I don’t with the Children!) I do buy the wet food she likes. It’s awful when she leaves it. It goes all dry and disgusting in the bowl so I want her to actually eat it. I saved money this month by visiting B&M where it is always the same price as the supermarket’s special offer price. This saves me from having to wait until it’s on special offer to stock up (the Oatabix flakes take up enough room!)

Made the most of the lovely weather by turning the heating off

I’m not someone who will choose to be cold to save money but I do always try to think I about weather the heating needs to be on. This month, curtesy of the unseasonably warm weather, we had nearly a week without the heating on during the day.

Regifted a duplicate present

Boy Child got a few duplicate presents for his birthday. Rather than letting them go to waste I have regifted them at parties he’s been to. I know not everyone is keen on regifting but I’ve held on to these items until there was a party for a child I thought would really like them. Parties can be expensive and there seem to be so many of them. I would always be happy for my child to receive something regifted. It makes no difference to my child’s enjoyment of it and the other parents save money so everyone wins. Just be careful not to give it back to the giver!

So that’s 5 ways I saved money this month. If you’re after more money saving tips, check out How I saved money in January.

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