Creating my Logo with DesignEvo

DesignEvo screenshot of choosing font

While I would love to be creative, the truth is I have no drawing skills whatsoever. Until now I have just been using the basic header that came with my template for this blog because my attempts at designing my own were dreadful. So when DesignEvo offered me the chance to try out their logo design service I jumped at the chance.


DesignEvo’s Elements

I was nervous to start with, would I be able to create something that looked good? I needn’t have worried because DesignEvo’s software is idiot proof and I actually rather enjoyed doing it. You create your logo using 4 elements, an Icon, some text, shapes and background. You can use all of them or just a few.

I started with an icon, of which DesignEvo have thousands. You simply type a word in the search bar and all of the related icons appear below. I tried a few different words, books, writing, woman, children but eventually settled on an image of a laptop. It felt right because it felt like it represented writing (for the blogger in me) and working from home.

Next I added my text which is separated in to logo name and slogan. I used my blog name “Me, Them and the Others” then my tagline “A Work at Home Mum Blog” for my slogan. There are a huge number of fonts available to choose from and I decided to use dancing script as it’s what I’ve been using when creating other graphics for my blog.

DesignEvo Screen shot of the icon choosing process

DesignEvo also allows you to add shapes to your logo, these include badges, solid shapes, outlines, banners, lines and symbols. I decided to stick with just an icon but had great fun trying out the different options. You can also add a background colour to your logo from a full range of choices using hex codes or selecting from a palette.


Tweaking the Elements

For all of the elements of your logo, the DesignEvo software allows you to change them to suit your needs. As well as block colours, you can use colour gradients, which I used on the screen of my laptop. You can choose the size and position that you want and I spent a long time experimenting to make sure the position of each element was perfect. You can also adjust the transparency of each element which could be really useful. The icons can also be flipped a round so I spent some time deciding if I wanted the laptop on the righthand side of my text or the lefthand side as I was able to flip the laptop around so I could have it facing the text whichever side I had it on.

DesignEvo screenshot of my logos shortlist


Design Evo Packages

Once you’re happy with your logo you can download it, DesignEvo offers 3 options. You can download your logo for free, pay for the basic package or pay for the premium package.

If you download for free you need to credit DesignEvo on your logo and your high res image will be limited to 500px. This might work fine for a small logo you plan to just use online but won’t really work if you ever want to print it.

For the basic package, which is currently £19.95, you get high res images up to 5000px and don’t need to credit DesignEvo. With this package you can also edit and re download your logo, great if your the type to change your mind (suspect I might be making use of this feature!) You also get a transparent PNG of your logo which is handy for all sorts of things as it’s basically your logo without a background.

The final package is the premium package which is currently £38.52 and includes everything in the basic package plus vector files, font files (great if you’ve picked something unusual) as well as the copyright for your logo.


Save Some Money!

DesignEvo have kindly given me a 30% off voucher for my readers who want to give it a try. The voucher is valid until 18th November 2018 and can be used on the basic or premium packages. Just visit DesignEvo, create your logo then choose upgrade and enter the voucher code: BLACKFRIACT on the left.

All in all designing my logo was a great experience, I had fun experimenting with different ideas and am really pleased with my finished design.

Logo with a laptop image and the words "Me, them and the others - a work at home mum blog"