How to Make Room for a Workspace at Home

This is a guest post for which I have received payment. Creating a workspace at home is a great idea, whether you’re running a business or searching for a way to corral all your children’s bits and pieces and toys. One of the biggest barriers to any creative or productive endeavour is having to spend time clearing away other stuff…

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Erroneous Beliefs about the WAHM (Work at Home Mum)

I have been a Work at Home Mum (or WAHM, as the trendy kids call it) for over 5 years now. In that time I’ve discovered people have some odd ideas what a WAHM gets up to. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to work at home when you have kids, check out my frequently asked questions. 1.…

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Why I love my Portfolio Career

Everyone knows that the days of a “job for life” are long gone. We live in a world of redundancies, outsourcing and zero hour contracts. For parents, a traditional job is often not realistic due to the lack of flexibility and the cost of childcare. For all of these reasons, we are starting to see the rise of the portfolio…

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How to Become a Work at Home Mum – My Story

Becoming a work at home mum (or WAHM) is a goal for a lot of mums. Traditional jobs often lack the flexibility that parents need to be there for their children and childcare costs can outweigh the benefits of working outside the home. For me, becoming a work at home mum seemed quite a natural step as my mum was…

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The Problems with Working From Home with a Toddler

Last week I unexpectedly had my 8 year old at home with me. It was a work day for me so I had things I needed to get done. We muddled along fine, with him doing some Lego and watching a movie. The experience made me think about how different it was to when I was trying to get my…

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