My Money Saving Month February

I love February for money saving because it’s a short month so you’re winning before you even start. It’s also my birthday month so, while I was still saving, it’s possible some money may have been spent on me too! Bought an Annual Pass for the nearby Aquarium My birthday fell in half term this year and so I decided…

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How to save money on family days out

I love family days out but they can cost an absolute fortune. My policy is to try to never pay full price to visit an attraction. I’m usually able to stick to that. Below are my tips on how to save money on family days out.   Save money on family days out by Booking ahead The vast majority of…

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My Money Saving Month – January 2019

Money saving is important to me. I actually see it as an additional income stream in my portfolio career because keeping costs down is one of the ways I contribute to the family budget. Some of things I do take a bit of time, eBaying for example. They are worth it because they leave us with more money for the…

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Our Budget Living Room Makeover

We’ve lived in our house for 5 years and, while the kids rooms have been decorated, the downstairs hasn’t been touched. When we moved in the children were 9 months and just turned 3. Decorating our main living space seemed totally impossible. Fast forward 5 years and they’re both in school all day so it was time for our budget…

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Nearly New: 10 Reasons Why I Love it

Ok, so I am a bit biased. I run nearly new sales so obviously I think they’re great, but I have loved nearly new for much longer than I’ve been running the sales. Before I had children, other than the occasional car boot sale (occasional because that was a time when Sunday’s still meant a lie in) I’d never really…

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