Nature Based Toddler Group Activities

While toddler groups generally take place indoors you can always bring a bit of the outside in with these nature based toddler group activities. Cheerio Bird Feeder This is a really simple nature based toddler group activity to set up and is great for developing fine motor skills. Be aware of allergies as it’s likely a few Cheerios will make…

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Craft Based Toddler Group Activities

Craft based toddler group activities are great because the children get to express themselves and take something home at the end. I’ve included four ideas here but don’t forget, toddlers will have a great time with some crayons and colouring sheets too. Personally I prefer open ended activities where the children choose their own way of creating but I have…

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Food Based Toddler Group Activities

Everyone knows, kids love to snack. I think that’s why food based activities always go down well with them. Here are my favourite food based toddler group activities from my 3 years running a group. Don’t forget, when planning food based activities, you’ll need to be able to provide allergen information to parents, so hang on to your packets. Decorating…

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Messy Play Toddler Group Activities

I love a bit of messy play. It’s one of the few things I miss about having toddlers! Over the years  I ran lots of different messy play toddler group activities, which the children loved. Here are a selection of my favourites.  Tip: Where measurements are given in cups, it doesn’t matter what size the cup is as long as…

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How to Choose Which Toddler Group Activities to Run

When running a toddler group I was keen to run different activities for the children and over the years I tried loads of toddler group activities with varying degrees of success. Here’s my guide on what to look for when choosing toddler group activities and what to avoid. I was keen to run different activities for the children and over…

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