Rules for Playing Out Safely

While I’m a big fan of free range parenting, playing out safely is my priority. Before he started playing out, Boy Child and I had lots discussions about how to stay safe. We talked about lots of different scenarios and how he would handle them. This helped to reassure me that he was ready. I thought it would be useful…

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Creative Garden Play

When I was a child I spent hours playing out in the back garden. We didn’t have a huge amount of space but it was full of fun stuff that I could get creative with. When I looked at our back garden, while it’s a little bit bigger than mine was, I realised it there wasn’t all that much out…

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Starting to Play Out

Boy Child is 8 now and we’ve decided it’s time to let him play out. Some of his friends are starting to play out and he really wanted to join them. I was certainly playing by his age and I’m keen for him to have some of the freedom that I enjoyed as a child. Playing out also fits with…

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5 Ways to Introduce Free Range Parenting in your Day to Day Life

When someone says the phrase “Free Range Parenting” The image that comes to mind is probably one of kids in the woods, building dens, possibly with bowl haircuts and wearing clothes from the 1980s. I would argue that free range parenting is actually a lot more than that. For me, it’s about giving children freedom to learn for themselves, to…

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Free Range Parenting

Have you heard the term “Free Range Parenting”? It’s becoming popular in the US but has been discussed less here in the UK. Wikipedia defines it like this: … the concept of raising children in the spirit of encouraging them to function independently and with limited parental supervision, in accordance of their age of development and with a reasonable acceptance…

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