My Money Saving Month – January 2019

Money saving is important to me. I actually see it as an additional income stream in my portfolio career because keeping costs down is one of the ways I contribute to the family budget. Some of things I do take a bit of time, eBaying for example. They are worth it because they leave us with more money for the…

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Raising a “Tom Boy”

Let me start by saying, I’m not very keen on the phrase “Tom Boy”. A more accurate description of my daughter is “A girl who prefers things that were traditionally aimed at boys”. That is a bit of a mouthful so, for the purposes of brevity (and not sounding like a pretentious twit), I’ll stick with Tom Boy. I’d also…

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How to Choose Which Toddler Group Activities to Run

When running a toddler group I was keen to run different activities for the children and over the years I tried loads of toddler group activities with varying degrees of success. Here’s my guide on what to look for when choosing toddler group activities and what to avoid. I was keen to run different activities for the children and over…

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Coping with Car Sick Children – More Reasons to Treasure Every Moment!

When you have a baby, dealing with their bodily fluids is part of day to day life. As time goes on, thank god, you see less of their fluids. Just when you think you’re past the worst of it, the reflux has subsided, the poo is staying in the nappies, the dribbling has slowed down to a trickle instead of…

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Running a Toddler Group

When Boy Child was just two and I was heavily pregnant with Girl Child I started attending a toddler group. By the time Girl Child was a few months old it was threatened with closure because the lady who had been running it was moving. With a baby and a toddler to look after I wasn’t all that keen on…

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