Surviving The Reception/Year 1 Party Deluge

What is the Reception/year one party deluge? I hear you ask. It’s the time between the Christmas your child is in reception until the Christmas when they are in year one. During this time many Mum’s (presumably against their better judgement) decide they should hold an all class birthday party for their child. It usually starts after Christmas in the…

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Dinotropolis Review: New Dinosaur Attraction at Bluewater

Dinotropolis is a new Dinosaur adventure attraction at Bluewater shopping centre.  It’s a dinosaur themed soft play with some really awesome added extras. We were gifted tickets in exchange for a review but all opinions are our own. Check out our dinotropolis review to see how we got on. Arriving at Dinotropolis  We visited at 10am on a Sunday morning…

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The Christmas Blog Tag

I was tagged by Emma from Emma Reed in the Christmas blog tag, basically I’m going to answer some questions about Christmas so you can find out how we spend it. If you like this sort of thing you can also check out the October Blog Tag. What’s your favourite Christmas Movie? I’m going to sound like a misery but actually don’t…

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Why I will be a Little Bit Glad When my Kids no Longer Believe

I am a rubbish liar. I’m crap at keeping track of what’s been said to who and I hate keeping secrets. Father Christmas may be a “white lie” but that doesn’t make the lie any easier for me to manage. I minimise how much I have to lie. There’s no elf on my shelf. The Christmas Eve box is made…

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Should I have Deferred my Summer Born Son?

My youngest son is a July baby, so falls well into the summer born category. Before he started school I looked into the possibility of deferring him a year. Ultimately we decided not to. He’s in year 4 at now but I still wonder if that was the right choice. Only one year at Preschool Boy Child started preschool just…

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