A Review of the Gulliver’s Land Santa Sleepover

The annual visit to Father Christmas has changed a lot since I was little. In my day (the 80s in case you’re wondering), visiting Father Christmas involved a drop in visit at the local shopping centre while you were there buying Christmas presents. These days, most places require advance booking (or in the case of Harrods this year, a special…

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Parenting with Migraines

As anyone who suffers with them knows, a migraine is so much more than just a headache. They vary hugely from one person to another but common features include a throbbing headache, nausea, visual disturbances, neck pain and sensitivity to lights, sounds and smells. Migraines can be episodic, just happening from time to time, or chronic, happening for more than…

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The October Blog Tag

I was tagged by Jada at Unique Young Mum to answer some questions about myself. Tags like this are always fun for getting to know bloggers so here’s goes! Name? Jo. I don’t have a middle name but desperately wanted one as a child so used to pretend it was Elizabeth, it’s even on one of my bank accounts. What…

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Lego: A Love Hate Relationship

Lego’s story began in the 1930’s in Denmark and it has been delighting children and injuring parents worldwide ever since. We have a lot of Lego. Boy Child has been in to it since he was about 4. This means he has a good 4 years worth of Lego based Birthday and Christmas presents now. This year Girl Child has…

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Nearly New: 10 Reasons Why I Love it

Ok, so I am a bit biased. I run nearly new sales so obviously I think they’re great, but I have loved nearly new for much longer than I’ve been running the sales. Before I had children, other than the occasional car boot sale (occasional because that was a time when Sunday’s still meant a lie in) I’d never really…

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